Mughals has been awarded and started working on construction of Serena Sust.

Mughals has been awarded and started working on construction of Serena Hunza.

74th Independence day Celebrations at Mughals Head office. [PHOTOS]

  • Tendering
  • Quantification
  • Costing
  • Technical Submission
  • Financial Submission
  • Project Presentation
  • Project Planning & scheduling at Bidding stage
Planning techniques
  • Work break down structure, Organization break down structure, Mapping of WBS and OBS, Cost Centre and mapping with BOQ,
Developing the master plan
  • Identifying activities, Allocating durations, Assigning relationships, Scheduling, Critical path method and determining the critical path, Resource loading, Consolidated resource requirement, Smoothing resource requirements, Trimming of peaks, Filling up a trough, Assigning responsibility
Planning & Scheduling after Contract Award
  • Contract award
  • Selection of site manager and core team
  • Gather core team and start training
  • Understand scope of work, Mughals and Client responsibility
  • Comparison of Bid and Contract
  • Determine impact on costs
  • Revisit execution strategy
  • Revise WBS and OBS if required
  • Revise budget and cash flow forecasts
  • Revise manpower histograms
  • Prepare 3 month look ahead
  • Mobilization plan
  • Appoint mobilization in charge
  • Configure project management systems
  • Prepare MRP
  • Prepare HSE plan
  • Prepare project specific method statements
  • Prepare WPS, PQRs and Project Quality Plan
  • Get schedules for client deliverables
  • Summary of Inputs and Outputs for this stage
  • Site clearance
  • Arrangement of site facilities
  • Commission security set up
  • Set up stores for Mughals material and Client Warehouse
  • Arrange indirect manpower deployment
  • Arrange direct manpower deployment
  • Recruitment
  • Manpower, induction. orientation
  • Set up staff attendance and control facilities
  • Arrange equipment and plant deployment
  • Procurement of first lot of deliverables
  • Negotiate and award sub contracts
  • Set up project monitoring systems
  • Determine resource availability
  • Prepare 4 week look ahead
Field Engineering & Document Control
  • Document Control
  • Receiving, Issuance, Revision handling
  • Field Engineering
  • Estimation
  • Field Marking of drawings
  • Preparation of field drawings and test packs
  • Method Statements preparation and submission
  • Material submittals for approval
  • Technical clarifications
  • Preparation of as built drawings
  • Tracking and Handing over of documents
Monitoring of progress
  • Earned man-hours concept
  • Estimation of progress
  • Progress and Efficiency Control
  • Progress up-dating
Work Front Availability
  • Access Availability
  • Consumable Availability
  • Drawing Availability
  • Material Availability
  • Equipment Availability
  • Man Power Availability
  • Method Statements, WBS etc.
Process Audits
  • Cost Control
  • Project Progress and Cost Control System
  • Monitoring
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Feedback to client
  • Invoicing client
  • Feedback to Head Office
  • Daily Progress reports
  • Weekly project Performance Report
  • Project Analytical Study
  • Project Close out reports
  • Human resources
  • Equipment and plant
  • Project site facilities
  • Dispatch
Project closeout
  • Preparation of project wind up report
Project Review and Feedback
  • Evaluation of Project Performance
  • Sharing information company wide
  • Analysis of project windup report