Mughals has been awarded and started working on construction of Serena Hunza.

Mughals has been awarded and started working on construction of Main office & Gate House DHA Multan.

Mughals has been awarded and started working on construction of Rumanza Golf & Country Club DHA Multan.

74th Independence day Celebrations at Mughals Head office. [PHOTOS]

  • Tendering
  • Quantification
  • Costing
  • Technical Submission
  • Financial Submission
  • Project Presentation
  • Project Planning & scheduling at Bidding stage
Planning techniques
  • Work break down structure, Organization break down structure, Mapping of WBS and OBS, Cost Centre and mapping with BOQ,
Developing the master plan
  • Identifying activities, Allocating durations, Assigning relationships, Scheduling, Critical path method and determining the critical path, Resource loading, Consolidated resource requirement, Smoothing resource requirements, Trimming of peaks, Filling up a trough, Assigning responsibility
Planning & Scheduling after Contract Award
  • Contract award
  • Selection of site manager and core team
  • Gather core team and start training
  • Understand scope of work, Mughals and Client responsibility
  • Comparison of Bid and Contract
  • Determine impact on costs
  • Revisit execution strategy
  • Revise WBS and OBS if required
  • Revise budget and cash flow forecasts
  • Revise manpower histograms
  • Prepare 3 month look ahead
  • Mobilization plan
  • Appoint mobilization in charge
  • Configure project management systems
  • Prepare MRP
  • Prepare HSE plan
  • Prepare project specific method statements
  • Prepare WPS, PQRs and Project Quality Plan
  • Get schedules for client deliverables
  • Summary of Inputs and Outputs for this stage
  • Site clearance
  • Arrangement of site facilities
  • Commission security set up
  • Set up stores for Mughals material and Client Warehouse
  • Arrange indirect manpower deployment
  • Arrange direct manpower deployment
  • Recruitment
  • Manpower, induction. orientation
  • Set up staff attendance and control facilities
  • Arrange equipment and plant deployment
  • Procurement of first lot of deliverables
  • Negotiate and award sub contracts
  • Set up project monitoring systems
  • Determine resource availability
  • Prepare 4 week look ahead
Field Engineering & Document Control
  • Document Control
  • Receiving, Issuance, Revision handling
  • Field Engineering
  • Estimation
  • Field Marking of drawings
  • Preparation of field drawings and test packs
  • Method Statements preparation and submission
  • Material submittals for approval
  • Technical clarifications
  • Preparation of as built drawings
  • Tracking and Handing over of documents
Monitoring of progress
  • Earned man-hours concept
  • Estimation of progress
  • Progress and Efficiency Control
  • Progress up-dating
Work Front Availability
  • Access Availability
  • Consumable Availability
  • Drawing Availability
  • Material Availability
  • Equipment Availability
  • Man Power Availability
  • Method Statements, WBS etc.
Process Audits
  • Cost Control
  • Project Progress and Cost Control System
  • Monitoring
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Feedback to client
  • Invoicing client
  • Feedback to Head Office
  • Daily Progress reports
  • Weekly project Performance Report
  • Project Analytical Study
  • Project Close out reports
  • Human resources
  • Equipment and plant
  • Project site facilities
  • Dispatch
Project closeout
  • Preparation of project wind up report
Project Review and Feedback
  • Evaluation of Project Performance
  • Sharing information company wide
  • Analysis of project windup report